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Film Work

Film Work

    The 9th ID does authentic period Army impressions for events and public displays all year long. Our membership strives for 100% in authenticity of our impressions to get it right. Many of our members are history enthusiasts and have built accurate portrayals of the WWII soldier. We can respresent almost any impression from 1941 through 1945 with extreme attention to details. Our impressions range from garrison life, to physical training, field uniforms, with all of the complete and necessary clothing and gear.

    Our members all have experience in the field and in garrison with weapons, standard military drill, and soldier life. We own and operate authentic military vehicles and are familiar with the various WW2 firearms and how to operate them properly.

    Members are typically available for motion picture, documentary, or television work where authentic reenactors are required. We are also available for public displays and education-related events. Not only does the 9th Infantry Division Reenacted look good in uniform, we know what we are doing and we get it right. We can also assist your production as technical advisors. Our services are available for commercial and independent services through the production company: Soldier Props.

    Several members of the 9th ID were featured in the music video "The Ghost of You" performed by My Chemical Romance. We have also participated in Toby Keith's music video "American Soldier" as well as several episodes of "Mail Call" featured on the History Channel and starring R. Lee Ermey.

    For further inquiry regarding film work, please visit SoldierProps.com. If you have any additional questions, you may Contact us for more information.

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