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How to Prepare

    What is a reenactment? Historical reenacting is a type of roleplay in which participants attempt to recreate some aspects of a historical event or period. In our case, we are portraying the typical infantry soldiers of World War Two. In this hobby, you may often hear the term: Living History. Living history describes the attempt to bring a historical scene to life for educational purposes and typically for a public audience. It is usually considered a style of "live-action" or "role-play" within a historical context. In other words, reenacting is a hobby in which many diverse people (reenactors) gather at a predetermined location to perform a tactical event. World War Two battles usually are private events, unlike most Civil War demonstrations, and there are no public spectators.

    We strive for authenticity. We are not a group of yahoos that are out there playing guns and act like idiots. If you want to accurately portray the American soldier fighting in Europe, Africa, or the Pacific in WWII then we are the right group for you. Just remember that not everyone is allowed to join. We have the final say on who may become a member of our beloved unit. Membership is a privelage, not a right.

    Basically the term "FARB" refers to anything that is not correct for an era or scenario. An example would be using a Vietnam War era helmet instead of a correct WWII era one. Also, a whole squad carrying M1A1 Thompsons would be FARB as well. Farby items include modern wristwatches, cell phones, plastic water bottles, incorrect footwear, and even poorly constructed reproduction uniforms/equipment can be FARB. Just because it's a reproduction item does not always mean it's right. There is a lot of "re-pop" gear out there that just isn't correct. Also, modern slang and movie references are FARB as well. Leave your cell phone in your locker or car, and for God's sake, leave it the hell OFF! We do it right.

    Yes, your appearance is extremely important. We are striving to be the best unit on the west coast. To be in our unit you must try to maintain the correct "look" of a WWII era soldier. We don't allow long hair, sideburns, or incorrect facial hair (full beards, soul patches, long mustaches). A week or two's worth of growth is okay, but after that you should shave. Hair length should be close to what they had then, which is pretty easy to maintain. Also, it cannot be dyed any un-natural colors. As far as physical standards go, we try to have all of our guys stay in pretty good shape. We know that sometimes there are health reason why someone may be overweight, but it really is a good idea to be in good shape due to the physical nature of the hobby. It's important to be very healthy for this activity. If you're healthy, and big, but still able to keep up then you'll be okay. Also, no modern jewelry like earings, class rings, wristwatches, etc. Period jewelry is okay, such as wedding bands, sweetheart bracelets, etc. Remember, we are representing the U.S. military in WW2!

    Constructing your uniform is going to take a considerable amount of research in authentic clothing and gear. There are many resources at your disposal, including books, period photographs, and various collecting and research websites. The 9th ID takes pride in making sure all of our uniforms are correct in appearance, whether they are original examples or reproductions.

Visit the Required Uniform page for specific details on your World War Two impression.

    This is what completes the impression! First Person is simply yourself put back in time, living a character that would have existed during World War Two. You should have at least a basic knowledge of language spoken, lingos, common phrases, and military commands and orders.

    You should do some research of the 30s and 40s era. Educate yourself in typical background knowledge, recognize popular singers and Big Band of the time, know who was president, know what people were doing back home. Know which countries were even at war! All of this will help you stay in the proper mindset at an event. DO NOT turn this into "bad WWII acting". Just act natural, but leave out the modern slang and movie references (yeah, we know this one is tough).

Soldier Discipline is something you should be familiar with if you want to fall in the ranks with us! You don't talk back to the Sergeants. Understand the signals when the officer gives a command. Knowing what you are doing is MORE important than just looking like you do! Surely, you do not want to look stupid in front of your platoon when everybody executes Order Arms without you. Practice marching in step! All of these aspects are what makes a soldier true. Be proud to be in this infantry unit. We act, eat, fight, and sleep like they did! Now, let's show 'em what we're made of!

Weapons Training is crucial. This hobby can be very dangerous if people aren't careful. Learn your weapon inside and out, and know how to use it. We aren't stupid with guns. YES, they are real. YES, they can really hurt yourself or others if improperly used. Know the rules of the hobby or don't come out at all. Safety is always first. Within the HFA, you must be at least 16 to carry a rifle, 21 to use a side arm. You will need to understand your weapon; know how to use, clean, and take care of it. You will be instructed in 40s style drill and taught proper handling. You will learn the many strict rules in the HFA, enacted to protect both everybody and the environment in which we use. There is no tolerance for breaking the rules.

    First up, you're gonna need a weapon. If you can afford a rifle, good! If not, you may still be okay, as we usually have a few (and we really do stress "FEW") rifles that we can loan out. If you cannot or do not wish to participate as infantry, that's okay! We are always looking for new Chaplains! There are plenty of non-combatant roles available. Contact us for more information.

Visit the Arms Inventory page for details on our weaponry.

    None of these are required, but probably things you will want to bring along, such as toilet paper, soap, toothbrush and toothpaste, razor, shaving cream, etc... items that generally are beneficial to your health and well-being. If it is modern, keep it hidden in your locker or duffle bag.

    We typically eat reproduction C-Rations or K-Rations in the field. If you cannot get these in time, you can bring modern food disguised to look period correct. Also, sometimes we will be fed out in the field by our kitchen (usually cold, pre-cooked food out of a marmite can), so keep your meat can and utensils handy. Do Not show up with a propane stove and Walmart bags full of potato chips, soda bottles, and leftover McDonalds. That would be FARB and is not allowed.

    Bring lots and lots of water. There is usually no drinkable water out in the field except what you bring. Dehydration is very, very dangerous. Camp Roberts can get VERY hot sometimes, so it's even good to start hydrating a few dys before an event to help combat heat related incidents. Right before we leave for the field it's a good idea to slam a bottle of water or some Gatorade. Trust me, it helps. Dehydration is not something you want in the field. So bring lots and lots to drink!

    We are Easy Company, 39th Regiment, 2nd Battalion, 9th Infantry Division, Re-enacted. It will take dedication and a lot of work to be a part of our beloved unit. We hope you are up for the challenge!

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